Best Construction Accounting Software for Business in 2023

Construction Software 2022

Software can provide a remarkable return on investment for your construction business.
But to access a good ROI on your Software, you need to address some common mistakes. Ask yourself these two questions…

  • Is your current construction accounting software able to manage Job Costs?
  • Do you know the precise time when you should update your hardware or software to maximise profits and minimise inefficiencies?

So how can you use IT to maximise your profits?

Construction companies should look for construction accounting software based in Australia.
A current client ConstructSOFT was a great example of this. He owns/manages a house building business in Western Sydney. His knowledge of IT and software was negligible. He is after all a builder, not an IT guru.

It was hard to believe he was operating a multi-million-dollar company while still using a paper-based system. This outdated system was costing him tens of thousands of dollars per job and to top it off, he lived with the constant stress that his systems would fail, that he would deliver a project late and that he would even be up for liquidated damages. Talk about stress.

After reaching out to ConstructSOFT, within a matter of days we helped him set up our system and integrated it into Xero or done remotely. He now had the best job costing software for construction in place at a fraction of the price of some overseas software providers.

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