Our Software

Sales Management

ConstructSOFT helps Sales Management by enabling the user to create Sales Contract Invoices (including retention if appropriate). Users can also create resources and invoice them as separate Sundry Sales invoices and allocate the sale to a job if necessary. Invoices can be emailed straight to your customers and there are numerous screens and reports to enquiry on sales and customers.

Project Management

ConstructSOFT allows you to manage all the costs associated with a project. Job Costing codes can be created to three levels if necessary (Group, Code,
Item). ConstructSOFT also allows you to create Resources so you can manage the cost/sale of individual items or labour costs etc”. Job budgeting, forecasting and Cash flow are all able to be managed in ConstructSOFT.

Purchase Management

From Purchase Orders to Progress Claim Invoices and managing retention ConstructSOFT can manage all of these. ConstructSOFT also has the ability to
process Sundry Invoices as well as manage and process variations. The software allows users to attach copies of all suppliers invoices so that you can create a paperless office.

Bank Management

ConstructSOFT allows you to create upto 10 bank accounts. All data is transferred
automatically into Xero. Paying of construction suppliers is entered via ConstructSOFT and the software will create the ABA files that are imported into your banking software to pay your suppliers.

Accounts Management

ConstructSOFT manages all your construction accounting. All accounting data is sent automatically to Xero. New Suppliers, Customers, Banks, Resources created in ConstructSOFT are automatically transferred into Xero. All customer receipts and supplier payments are automatically updated into Xero.


Construct has a unique Dashboard that gives you quick graphical
information on key important business aspects of your business such as Project Management, Customers and Suppliers.


ConstructSOFT has been designed to give users the ability to manage their
Construction Jobs in an easy to use and instinctive software design.Many of features in ConstructSOFT were previously only available in expensive Job Costing software that were beyond the reach of many small/medium sized businesses.


ConstructSOFT has nearly 50 reports available to help you manage all
aspects of your construction business. There is also a vast number of screen enquiries that allow you to sort and filter any data. Coupled with this is the ability of exporting data into either a report, Microsoft Excel, or sending the information via email.

Xero Integration

ConstructSOFT is a software designed specifically to enable businesses in
the construction industry to manage their job costs and revenues. All accounting data is transferred automatically into Xero. ConstructSOFT decided to specialise in Job Costing softwareand allow Xero to manage all the accounting functionality that is necessary in managing and running a business.

Our Industries

Building Website Structure
Contractors can use ConstructSOFT to manage their projects. ConstructSOFT is afully integrated online software designed to control Job costs, Project budgets, Materials, Variations, and Progress payments.
Developer Use Building Job Costing Software for Their Business
Developers in the construction arena can use ConstructSOFT to manage theirbusinesses. The software provides control over Project budgets, Job Costing, Project Budgets, Materials, Contracts, Subbies, Variations, Progress payments and all aspects of your accounts.
Worker is Standing Infront of Building
Residential builders can use ConstructSOFT as it is a project based costcontrol software that provides control over Project budgets, Job Costing, Project Budgets, Materials, Contracts, Subbies, Variations, and Progress payments.
Kitchen Interior
ConstructSOFT can be used by specialist Interior fit out companies whether they are in the hospitality, retail, office, residential to manage Project Costs and Revenue.
Worker id Doing Roof Maintenances
Specialist Contractors that need to control Project costs and revenuewill find ConstructSOFT an invaluable tool for their businesses.
Worker Having Helmet and Instrument
which is characterised by high volume low cost jobs can benefit from the featuresoffered by ConstructSOFT. ConstructSOFT allows you to record resources that allow you to invoice your customer for bills of material as well as labour costs. All accounting data is transferred to Xero accounts to make your accounting process easy.


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